Vital Association Leadership Lessons for Navigating Change

May 1, 2024

with Cheretta A. Clerkley MBA, CASE, CME

We are joined by Cheretta A. Clerkley MBA, CASE, CME, Executive Director of Association for Positive Behavior Support (APBS) on this week’s edition of the 6 Degrees of Associations Podcast. Cheretta leads us in an insightful conversation about her journey through the world of associations and the transformative power of effective communication and strategic planning.

From her early career in local government to her role as an executive director, she shares her experiences navigating the complex landscape of associations and discusses her transition from marketing and communications roles to leadership, highlighting the pivotal moments and mentors that shaped her career path.

One of the key themes of the discussion is the importance of finding one’s voice and using it to drive change. Cheretta also explores the challenges of change management and the value of storytelling in crafting compelling stories to lead organizational growth. Through her passion for communication, strategic planning, and mentorship, Cheretta embodies the spirit of leadership and innovation in the association space and beyond.