Embodying Authentic Leadership for Nonprofit Excellence

April 24, 2024

with Celia Chomón Zamora, PhD, CAE

Celia Chomón Zamora, PhD, CAE, Director of Professional Learning and Certification at ACTFL, is our guest on this week’s episode of the 6 Degrees of Associations Podcast. In addition to her CAE certification, she is a DELP Scholar. She earned her doctorate in Spanish Applied Linguistics from Georgetown University. She is a dedicated lifelong learner, educator, and advocate of languages and language education.

Dr. Zamora joins our show to share her journey from a competitive high schooler to a passionate advocate for language education. With a background in linguistics and a dedication to lifelong learning, she found her calling in associations, driven by a desire to empower others. Embracing a leadership style rooted in empathy, transparency, and a growth mindset, she mentors young leaders, fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation. Through her inspiring story, she emphasizes the importance of communication and authenticity in leadership, shaping a future where everyone has equitable access to language education.