Navigating the “Small-Town Vibes” of Working in Associations

May 15, 2024

with KiKi L’Italien

In this week’s episode of the 6 Degrees of Associations Podcast, we’re talking with KiKi L’Italien, the Vice President of Marketing & Community Engagement with Big Red M and Editor-in-Chief of Association Chat. She is an accomplished community builder and speaker on the topics of technology, community, and trust.

Much of today’s discussion explores the metaphor of associations being like a ‘small town’ and emphasizes the necessity of trust as the core component of working directly within an association or serving it as a vendor.

She is a passionate advocate for advancing the association community as a whole, with a track record of innovation and pushing boundaries through her work with Association Chat and beyond.

With anecdotes and insights on today’s chat, she discusses the love-hate relationship many folks working for associations possesses, while highlighting the immense potential and responsibility they hold.

From the evolution of Association Chat from a tweet chat to a multimedia platform, KiKi delves into its role as a community hub. Other topics explored at length within today’s interview include:

  • The future of Association Chat and how it serves folks working in associations.
  • What vendors need to understand about associations if they want to service this industry successfully. 
  • The challenges of technology adoption in associations.

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