Applying a Consultant’s Mindset to Thrive as an Association Executive

May 22, 2024

with David Gammel

Associations are complex by nature. This week on our Six Degrees of Associations Podcast, we are joined by David Gammel, who provides insight into how his prolific consulting experience has helped him become an effective executive while navigating the many layers of an association. 

David currently serves as the Executive Director of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine.

His journey into associations began unexpectedly after moving to Washington, D.C. After several years as a consultant, he transitioned back to association leadership, bringing with him a deep understanding of strategic alignment and execution.

His consulting background taught him to diagnose issues quickly, understand organizational dynamics, and work effectively with stakeholders. This experience helps him navigate the complexities of association management, ensuring that different perspectives align towards common goals. In this interview, David also shares insights on effectively working with consultants, and the importance of storytelling and communication in leadership roles. According to David, even budgets can be seen as narratives that need to be communicated effectively to various stakeholders such as board members, staff, and the general membership.