Integrating Strategy/Culture and Embracing the Explosion of Digital Tools

January 10, 2024

with Rhea M. Steele, MS, FASAE, CAE, ODCP

This week on the 6 Degrees of Associations Podcast, we have the pleasure of hosting Rhea M. Steele, MS, FASAE, CAE, ODCP. We welcome Rhea to the program for a chat about bridging the gap between strategy, culture, and the explosion of AI and new technologies in the association world and beyond.

Rhea is a seasoned association executive dedicated to driving business strategy forward by leveraging innovation, fostering engagement, and promoting empowerment. She currently serves as Chief of Staff and VP of Strategy & Governance with School Nutrition Association.

When it comes to navigating the intersection of strategy and culture to build a winning team, we all need to play a role as association professionals. Furthermore, as technology landscapes continue to rapidly evolve on a near-daily basis, we must embrace it and become tech wizards capable of keeping up with the explosion of A.I. tools that will exponentially enhance our productivity.

As we discuss in today’s podcast, there is no other choice. In essence, we all need to be technology and media wizards at some level in 2024 – and build our teams with that in mind. It’s about evolving or being irrelevant.