How to Hit a Home Run with Sponsorships (And Make Everyone Happy)

January 3, 2024

with Elizabeth Johnson

Tune in for a deep dive into innovative revenue-driving strategies for associations this week on our show. Your association may already be involved in activities or could efficiently initiate new efforts tomorrow that serve as untapped sources of substantial revenue. In this episode of the 6 Degrees of Associations Podcast, we uncover two potentially hidden gems: Sponsored research initiatives and Value proposition reviews.

In this special episode, host Lucas McCann and podcast producer Casey Callanan are joined by Elizabeth Johnson, Executive Vice President at Big Red M. With a decade of experience leading successful membership and sponsorship campaigns, Elizabeth shares valuable insights into sponsored research—a strategic approach to leverage industry data. She emphasizes the versatility of sponsored research and the potential for sponsors to gain branding, thought leadership, and networking benefits.

The conversation also explores the importance of periodic value proposition reviews for associations. Elizabeth discusses the benefits of reevaluating and refining the value proposition to align with member needs, streamline operations, and ultimately enhance revenue generation.