Global Engagement Strategies to Enhance Your Association’s Value

January 18, 2024

with Jeanette Gass, CAP, ACNP, DES

We are pleased to welcome Jeanette Gass, CAP, ACNP, DES, to our 6 Degrees of Association Podcast this week. Jeanette is the Senior Program Manager for Global Engagement with International City/County Management Association (ICMA).

Jeanette joins our show to talk about the importance of global partnerships and other relationship building techniques she has seen bare fruit with ICMA. This work has ultimately improved the value ICMA has brought to its membership base and the lessons she shares are transferable to many different organizations.

Janette shares insights into ICMA’s global engagement strategies, highlighting the importance of partnerships and the challenges of expanding a U.S.-based association internationally. She discusses the value of continuous learning and recounts a humorous yet instructive experience during her travels in the Philippines, emphasizing the significance of asking questions for effective cross-cultural communication and collaboration.