A One Size Fits All Approach to Email Marketing Fails Everyone

December 20, 2023

with Amber Worthen

As Google flips its SEO search algorithm parameters, and social media algorithms pushing content to certain people seem to change with the headwinds, email stays relatively consistent and unchanged. It’s the reason why it has become such a reliable staple in any business or institution’s communications and outreach strategy.

But for such a vital tool, it is often (almost laughably) mismanaged. Association industry veteran, entrepreneur, and email marketing expert Amber Worthen join the program this week for a discussion on the pitfalls of over-emailing your audience, failure to segment, and the story that led her on her entrepreneurial journey.

Amber is the founder of ASW Communications, a company she created when she saw a gap in the email marketing community. Specializing in the community of associations, ASW provides Email Marketing and related digital services and even offers staffing for email marketing and website management! In fact, the ASW story began when Amber realized there was a major staffing issue at many associations and nothing was being done about it.

Learn more about ASW: https://www.aswcommunications.com/