How Associations Can “Crack the Sustainability Code” with Alison Heppenstall | Climate Action

March 20, 2024

with Alison Heppenstall

Alison Heppenstall is our guest this week on the 6 Degrees of Associations Podcast as we explore the practical side of going carbon free and effectively navigating the “call for sustainability.” While today’s podcast focuses on associations, nonprofits, and other membership-based organizations, it offers takeaways applicable to integrating sustainability into the core strategy of any business.

Alison is the founder & managing director of b2b, B2 Media, and the Co-Executive Director of Climate Action for Associations (CAFA). Her expertise includes membership-based organizations and business-to-business strategy with a heavy emphasis on development, partnerships, and total sustainability.

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The Race to Zero Campaign:

From crafting internal policies to advocating for pro-climate government policies, Alison highlights the vital steps associations need to take for building sustainability. The episode delves into practical strategies for associations, nonprofits, and other membership organizations to align with sustainability goals and foster positive environmental impact.

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