Essential Tactics and Hacks for Nonprofit Volunteer Management

March 27, 2024

with Amanda Parsons, CAE

Volunteers are not an unlimited resource, and relationships with volunteers must be managed with the precision of a world-class conductor leading an orchestra.

Amanda Parsons, CAE, the Executive Director of the Oregon Recreation and Park Association, is our guest this week on 6 Degrees of Associations, offering a masterclass for our listeners on volunteer management.

As we learn from Amanda, if you’re not regularly celebrating your volunteers in ways they love, you are at risk of losing some of your best advocates—the most enthusiastic and energizing forces behind your organization.

While it may sound counterintuitive to a successful nonprofit, creating ‘term limits’ and cycling off volunteers is also key to keeping things fresh.

With experience in digital marketing, adult learning, and strategic operations, she brings a well-rounded and wide-ranging background to her association and the membership it serves. As part of an association with a small staff, wearing many different hats comes with the territory, and she’s learned to embrace it, love it, and frankly, she couldn’t imagine it—or want it—any other way.