Building Healthier Futures Through a Strategic Devotion to Community

June 26, 2024

with Jean C. Accius, PhD, NACD.DC

Our distinguished guest on this week’s edition of the 6 Degrees of Associations Podcast is Jean C. Accius, PhD, NACD.DC, President & Chief Executive Officer of CHC: Creating Healthier Communities (CHC).

Prior to his role with CHC, he served as Senior Vice-President of Global Thought Leadership & International Affairs at AARP. He was with AARP for over a decade and is no stranger to driving change within the association and nonprofit sectors and the communities they serve.

In this discussion, Dr. Accius highlights CHC’s mission to address health inequities and its impactful initiatives, such as the major strides made through the Black Maternal Health Initiative. Dr. Accius emphasizes the importance of community engagement, mental health awareness, and trust, stressing the need for a holistic approach to creating healthier communities.