The Keys to Building Personalized Member Services with Strong Data Structure and Tech

July 3, 2024

with Kerri L. McGovern, MPP, CAE

Kerri L. McGovern, MPP, CAE, the Senior Director of Membership at Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC), is our guest on this week’s episode of the Six Degrees of Associations Podcast.

With 46,000 members strong, ACC consists of more than 60 chapters while serving in-house lawyers globally who work for a company or organization (as opposed to working in a law firm).

Enhancing member experiences through tailored approaches, particularly focusing on personalized onboarding processes for new members was explored at length in today’s interview. Kerri dives into important topics such as data structure, and technology to deliver personalized and mobile-first member services, advice that is applicable to just about any association or membership-based institution.

Kerri’s insights highlighted the strategic use of mobile-first technology, such as the development of a year-round membership app, to provide exclusive benefits to members and increase overall engagement. For Kerri’s team, innovative initiatives like the membership app and personalized onboarding have led to significant success, as demonstrated by recent awards received by ACC.