Why So Many Associations Fail at Strategic Planning (And How to Fix That)

November 29, 2023

with Elisa Brewer Pratt, MA, CAE

Join us in the latest episode of the 6 Degrees of Associations podcast for an insightful conversation with Elisa Brewer Pratt, MA, CAE, the CEO and founder of Brewer Pratt Solutions LLC. With a background as a senior staff member in various trade and individual membership associations, Elisa shares her journey from the staff side to becoming a consultant. She delves into her passion for strategic planning, the challenges associations face, and the importance of authentic leadership. In this candid discussion, Elisa opens up about her mission to be the consultant she wished she had, highlighting the significance of being a guiding force for her clients. While exploring the nuances of strategic planning, uncovering why it’s often met with skepticism and how Elisa is reshaping it to be relevant, engaging, and actionable.

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