Strategic Bliss: Expert Planning Advice for Nonprofits to Thrive

February 21, 2024

with Carol Hamilton

Carol Hamilton, the founder of Grace Social Sector Consulting, is our guest this week on the 6 Degrees of Associations Podcast.

Carol is a dedicated, proven and deeply respected expert in the nonprofit sector, specializing in strategic planning, evaluation, and serving as an equity-focused nonprofit strategy consultant. Her focus is to assist associations and nonprofits that are ready to envision their future direction, design key goals through strategic planning, and, most importantly, enjoy the process.

Carol is also the host of “Mission: Impact”, a podcast for nonprofit leaders who want to do good in the world “without being a martyr to the cause.” You can follow her podcast here:

As a strategic planning expert, she emphasizes the importance of inclusive decision-making and discusses how organizations can balance ambitious goals with realistic outcomes. Additionally, Carol highlights the significance of integrating an equity lens into the strategic planning process, fostering a more inclusive and impactful future in the nonprofit sector.