Forget the Five-Year Plan! Trailblazing Agility for a Path to the C-Suite

August 16, 2023

with Artesha Moore, FASAE, CAE

Get ready for another thought-provoking episode of 6 Degrees of Associations Podcast this week, featuring our guest, Artesha Moore, FASAE, CAE, President, and CEO of Association Forum. Artesha shines as a beacon of enthusiasm, hard work, and wisdom. In today’s episode, you’ll discover her profound impact as an esteemed innovator within the association management community, boasting over two decades of experience.

Embark on a journey through her remarkable trajectory, starting from her humble beginnings as a clerk to her current role as CEO. Gain insights into the art of cultivating relationships and forging a path to a distinguished leadership and management position. The conversation delves into various intriguing topics, including the dynamics of remote work, a comparison between working in Washington DC and Chicago, and a trove of captivating insights on adaptability. Artesha emphasizes the significance of staying agile instead of fixating on a rigid “five-year plan,” which can swiftly become obsolete in today’s swiftly changing landscape.