Leadership, Relationship Building and the Changing Nature of Associations

June 29, 2023

with Kathy Zwarick Shanley PhD, CAE, ACC

Join Six Degrees of Associations producer, Casey Callanan, as he sits down with longtime association world executive Kathy Zwarick Shanley, Ph.D., CAE, ACC, this week on our podcast. After decades of leading associations from the executive suite, Kathy currently serves as the CEO and President of Statice. Statice is a coaching consulting partner helping association executives and teams get an edge on the competition with a proven, interactive, results-based strategy. As a seasoned professional, Kathy shares what she learned from both her time in associations and her transition into coaching. Kathy also discusses the evolving nature of associations and their shift from top-down hierarchical structures to a focus on interpersonal relationships within teams.